A traditional lead from a typical affiliate is a data string containing the name and contact details of the prospect.

A Similead is an inbound Social Media message, sent by the prospect. (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram). You can now respond to the message (automated or freehand), from your own system utilising our API, or from the Similead interface.

Traditional Lead

Advantages of a similead:

  • Increase contactability dramatically. We increased the CarsDirect call centre’s contactability from around 30% to over 60%.
  • By sending a Social Media message, you have a foot in the door.
  • You can automate the entire conversation or parts of it.
  • You can handle all traffic from your own websites and Facebook pages from the same interface.

The ability to send a message to a prospect doubles your chances of reaching the prospect. If a prospect does not respond to the Social Media message, you can re-direct the lead to your normal channels. Similead is a proud product of the Answer suite of software solutions.

Similead is the future of lead generation. Lead Generation – Next Generation.